ACTA SILVAE ET LIGNI is the only Slovenian scientific journal dedicated to publishing scholarly contributions in the areas of forests, forestry, wood science and technology, the forested landscape, nature and the environment. The journal Acta Silvae et Ligni is published in print and online versions.  The purpose of the journal is the exchange of the latest scientific findings among scientists and experts from the region and beyond in the areas of forests, forestry, wood science and technology, the forested landscape, nature and the environment. The journal supports the development of professional and scientific terminology in the Slovenian language. Reviewed scientific and professional articles can therefore be published in the Slovenian language with an English abstract or in one of the official IUFRO languages (English, Spanish, German French) with a Slovenian abstract (language proofreading is provided by the editorial board).

The journal is indexed in COBIB.SI, CAB Abstracts, FSTA, EBSCO, CROSSREF, DOAJ, ROAD, Web of Science E-SCI (Emerging Sources Citation Index). 

Frequency: three printed issues per year. All content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 (CC BY-SA)Licenca Creative Commons

Peer-review process

The journal publishes scientific and professional articles that have not yet been published and are not being considered for publication in other publications, have been accepted by the editorial board and have received a positive opinion by the reviewers. All received articles are peer-reviewed using a double blind peer review process by at least two reviewers. Instructions to reviewers.

Article processing charges 

As a diamond open access journal, Acta Silvae et Ligni does not collect any submission charges or article processing charges (APC) on published articles. Our sources of income are the support from our subscribers who wish to receive the print version of the journal and from the Slovenian Research Agency. Published articles are not eligible for a fee.

The journal is co-published by: 


Address of the Editorial Office 

  • Slovenian Forestry Insttute, Forestry Library, Večna pot 2, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • e-mail:

Ordering, claims

Customers who wish to order the journal Acta Silvae et Ligni should make enquiries directly to the postal address or e-mail address of the editorial board. The fee is charged on a yearly basis and is automatically prolonged until written cancelation. The price of an individual issue is 25 EUR (5% tax incl.). For any claims related to orders or deliveries, please contact the editorial office.O

Older issues can be obtained directly from the Forestry Library (Gozdarska knjižnica). Contact:

History of the journal

 The journal has been published continuously since 1947, but it has adapted its name to time and space. Past journal titles: 

  • Izvestja Gozdarskega instituta Slovenije = Reports of the Forest Institute of Slovenia (ISSN 1408–3450), period 1947–1949;
  • Zbornik – Inštitut za gozdno in lesno gospodarstvo Slovenije = Proceedings – Institute for forest and wood economy of Slovenia, (ISSN 0350-0187), period 1957–1971;
  • Zbornik gozdarstva in lesarstva = Research reports – forest and wood science & technology (ISSN 0351-3114), period 1973–2013.


Acta Silvae et Ligni is committed to keep all published articles constantly available over the coming decades. Published articles are uploaded to DiRROS repository (Digital repository of Slovenian research organizations) which HighWire Press tags with metadata that is OpenAire OAI-PMH 3.0 compatible on every journal’s page (source). For digital archiving, the journal uses the National library’ Digital Library of Slovenia – with the additional backup of all journal’s articles on ARNES servers. Our website includes articles published all articles published in Acta Silvae et Ligni. The digitization of articles from past journal titles is in the final stages, and most of the articles are already available on the same website. 

Downolad statistics

 Article’s download statistics can be found here. 

    Past editors (number and year) 

    • Martin Čokl: 1 (1950) –14 (1976)
    • Janez Božič: 15 (1977)–18 (1980),
    • Janko Kalan: 19 (1981)
    • Janez Božič:20 (1982)–23 (1983)
    • Mitja Zupančič: 24–25 (1984)
    • Marija Grabec: 26 (1985)
    • Mitja Zupančič: 27 (1986)
    • Boštjan Košir: 28 (1987)
    • Iztok Winkler: 29–30 (1987)
    • Boštjan Košir: 31–32 (1988)
    • Iztok Winkler: 33–34 (1989)
    • Boštjan Košir: 35 (1990)
    • Aleksander Golob: 35–36 (1990)
    • Iztok Winkler: 37–38 (1991)
    • Marko Kmecl: 39 (1992)
    • Aleksander Golob: 40 (1992)
    • Iztok Winkler: 41 (1993)–45 (1994)
    • Boštjan Košir: 46–47 (1995)
    • Igor Potočnik: 48–51 (1996)
    • Robert Robek: 52–54 (1997)
    • Igor Potočnik: 55–57 (1998)
    • Robert Robek: 58–60 (1999)
    • Tom Levanič: 61–63 (2000)
    • Janez Krč: 64–66 (2001)
    • Hojka Kraigher: 67–69 (2002)
    • Vesna Tišler: 70–72 (2003)
    • Janez Krč: 73–75 (2004)
    • Tom Levanič: 76–78 (2005)
    • Primož Oven: 79–81 (2006)
    • Aleš Kadunc: 82–84 (2007)
    • Tom Levanič: 85–87 (2008)
    • Sergej Medved: 88–90 (2009)
    • Klemen Jerina: 91 (2010)–96 (2011)
    • Tine Grebenc: 97 (2012)–105 (2014)
    • Sergej Medved: 106 (2015)–114 (2017)
    • Robert Brus: 115 (2018)–126 (2021)
    • Anže Japelj 127 (2022)-






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